My carb cycling experiment 17jul11 to 23jul11

I tried Scooby's carb cycling from 17jul11-23jul11 and here is my result.


I just tried 1 cycle, 3 low carb day and 1 hi carb day and I was seeing a huge drop in my body fat, so I stopped.

I'm pretty happy around 17% and do not wish to go any lower. I guess women's 17% is equivalent to men's 7%.

Anyway, as for me, Scooby's carb cycling did rip fat like a knife and I will do this again when I'm competing or some photo shooting.

But this diet requires very thorough planning. You have to make sure you can prepare all the meals beforehand and every meal has to meet your daily calorie/macro nutrient budget.

It's not easy and not suitable for beginners, especially those who just want to lose weight and just be healthy.

If you just want to lose extra fat around your belly, please start with Scooby's 1-2-3 plan.

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