Calorie and Calorie break down counting

May not work for everybody.... BUT Honestly I will say, 6 meals a day, and eat till 60% of fullness is enough solution for losing weight.

Even you eat McDonald or chocolate or greasy fried chicken, eat just to enough to appease your hunger. Don't eat till you're fully satisfied or your stomach is full or bloating.

With this strategy, I lost 15% of body fat, from 33% to 17% in four months. I did one hour brisk walking everyday and some strength workout every other day along with this. But eating small portion meals is the key for me.

I know there's a lot of controversies around 6 meals day but I'm just talking about my experience, Okay?

However, when you're very obese or have a sweet tooth to extreme point you cannot control the portion with will power.  Like every time you eat, you tend to eat till you're completely full, YOU MAY NEED DIFFERENT STRATEGY.

It's a little cumbersome, but please try to learn your ideal meal size by understanding your ideal calorie intake.

This page will help you how.

But applying your ideal calorie and nutrient ratio to real food is really difficult. I've found a good site that does all for you.

fat secrete web is another diet site but this counts every food you input and generate total calorie and macro nutrient ratio.

This is my favorite dish, Steamed Quinoa with mix veggie, mushroom, shirataki and Egg white omelette. It's very easy to cook, rich in fiber and protein. But how do I tell its calorie and macro nutrient ratio.

When you keep diary at fat secrete web, they have a menu that let you select food, stuck them and they will count the calorie and macro nutrient ratio.

So one serving of my favorite dish has, 157kcal, Protein 30%, Carb 59%, Fat 11%.

Cool, I like protein strong food! This dish helps me gain muscles!

You can register your favorite dish or favorite mix of protein shake, and check daily intake, whether you're meeting calorie budget and hitting the good macro nutrient ratio.

You do not need to do this every time. But please try to check your favorite food you often eat, so that you know your portion.

fat secrete web user interface is rather strange but you will get used to it if you register couple of meals. It's much easier than excel spreadsheet.

Happy Cooking!

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