How much you should eat a day for losing weight?

First please read this site, http://scoobysworkshop.com/caloriecalculator.htm

Scooby1961 has all answers you need. But here's my little summary.
Please know your ideal meal portion size or daily calorie intake and plan your nutrition well!

1. Please calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR), BMR is a calorie size just to keep you alive. You do nothing all day long, just breath, sleep.

Male: BMR = 66 + ( 13.7 x weight) + ( 5 x height ) - ( 6.8 x age)
Female: BMR = 655 + ( 9.6 x weight ) + ( 1.8 x height ) - ( 4.7 x age)

I use metric here. Scooby has a calculator that accepts imperial and metric.

My BMR is 1224kcal, I need to eat at least 1224kcal to stay alive!


2. Please calculate your ideal meal calorie based on your activity level.

Activity level is your total hours or fitness exercises. It doesn't matter cardio or lifting. Just total hours of fitness workouts. Intensity of exercise is out of scope in this calculation.

  1. 1-3hours BMR x 1.3
  2. 3-5hours BMR x 1.5
  3. 6-7hours BMR x 1.7
  4. more than 7hours BMR x 1.9

I do 1 hour cardio everyday, 30min strength workout 4 times a week,  so 7 hour cardio and 2 hour strength workout, total is 9hours. My activity level is  4 (1.9).

So my ideal calorie with fitness activity is, 1244kcal x 1.9 =2326 kcal

This is Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). With 2326kcal, I have enough energy to stay alive and do workouts.

3. To lose weight, I need to take away few calorie from TDEE so that my body will start to use the extra fat on my belly to stay alive and do workout!

Ideal weight loss plan is 10-20%. If you take away 25%, it's dangerous and not recommended.

TDEE(2326kcal) x  20% = 456kcal  TDEE(2326kcal)-456kcal=1860kcal

So with 9hour of workout and 0.4kg weight loss projection per week, I can eat 1860kcal.

Don't worry. Scooby's fat loss calculator does all this calculation. I'm just showing you what it's doing behind.

Now I know my daily calorie intake,  let's divide by number of meals per day.

I stick to 6 meals a day, so I divide by 6. If you take more meals or less meals, just adjust so.

1860kcal divided by 6 = 310kcal  My one meal must have 310kcal.

Now how many protein/carb/fat can I have? This is a difficult question to answer as everyone react differently to protein/carb/fat ratio. This is called macro nutrient ratio.

General recommended ratio is protein 20%, carb 60%, fat 20%. Try with this ratio first.

So my meal will be;

Daily intake 1860kcal, protein 372kcal(93g), carb 1116kcal(279g), fat 372kcal(41g)

Per meal 310kal, protein 62kcal(15g), carb 186kcal(46g), fat 62kcal(6g)

A very important fact for calculation, 
One gram of pure protein and carb have 4kcal, fat has 9kcal.

Now let's translate these number to real food. THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT PART!

I will eat oatmeal and drink non fat milk for my meal, here's how I calculate. You know your numbers. Now read the nutrition label and check if the food is meeting your numbers.


I'm just using Kroger oatmeal as sample. Just check the nutrition label of whatever food you're planning to eat.

This oatmeal one serving has 140 Calories (Protein3g/Carbs26g/Fat2.5g), but I will eat 2 servings  280kcal (Protein6g/Carbs52g/Fat5g).

I'm above carb (ideal 46g / actual 52g) , below fat(ideal 6g /actual 5g). But these are tiny, so let's not bother.

But I definitely need more protein,  this oatmeal has only 6g but I need 15g! Where will I get extra protein??? Protein is really important for me.

How about this?

1 cup of Nonfat milk has 80kcal, protein 8.35g, carb 11.86g, fat 0.44g. 

Two serving of Kroger oat meal has,  280kcal, protein 6g, carbs 52g, fat 5g.

Combining these, 360kcal, protein 14.5g, carb 63g, fat 5.44g.

My ideal meal is 310kal, protein 62kcal(15g), carb 186kcal(46g), fat 62kcal(6g).

So I'm over budget on calorie (ideal 310kcal / actual 360kcal),  carb (ideal 46g / actual 63g). But I'm very good with protein (ideal 15g / actual 14.5g) and fat (ideal 6g / actual 5g)

Perhaps you can drink lesser calorie protein shake, or decrease the amount of non fat milk.
Please do not try to do this perfectly. YOU WILL GO CRAZY!!!

As long as you're not exceeding calorie budget too much, and meeting protein budget, it is not a big deal.

This is a very tedious process and very brain crunching. But please do this several times so that you know what your ideal portion is.

Scooby's fat loss calculator gives your ideal calorie intake and macro nutrient size. You either follow his meal plan faithfully, chicken, broccoli, brown rice, flax oil.

Or do the tedious process I am showing here.

When a persona trainer or a dietitian make a plan for you, they just do this calculation and modify according to your personal needs or difference.

Now, would you like to pay 100US$ for this? Or would you rather do this by yourself?

I would definitely do this myself. It's complicated but I would rather keep the money for something nicer.

And Scooby has much easier plan for you, just go 1-2-3 plan.

My suggestion is to divide your current meals into six. And eat one meal just enough to appease hunger, not till you're full, maybe 60%-80% of fullness.

Actually, I don't really count calories and I've got my abs with 60% fullness plan, not from calorie counting.

I hope this will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading a long document.

Calculation used in this page are based on Harris-Benedict equation. Please read the details here.

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