How to cook brown rice in microwave

Brown rice and UMEBOSHI
A bowl of boiled brown rice and home made UMEBOSHI, or picked plum.

Personally, I think it's a lot easier and tastier to cook rice or brown rice in rice cooker or pressure cooker.

Because rice or beans require long hour simmering, Especially brown rice. But there's always some workaround. Oh, I'm only writing this cuz a boy with only microwave asked how he can cook brown rice. Usually I cook brow rice with equipment above.

Unfortunately, using microwave does not shorten the cooking time. But it works and it tastes fine. And there's really nothing to clean afterwards. Cool! I think I'll stick to this!

What you need,
1 cup of brown rice, 2cups of tap water,
screw top zip lock container, microwave, a watch

1.Put rice into container and wash couple of times with tap water.
Soak rice for, Spring or Summer 2-3 hours, Autumn or Winter 4-6 hours.
Before soaking

After soaking

3. Put the container in microwave with lid slightly screwed. Don't lock tightly but leave a little space so that steam can escape. CONTAINER MAY EXPLODE!!!

4. Microwave 3-5min till water is boiling and rice is dancing. Let it dance for 1min then please turn off.

You can see my laundries but kindly ignore, LOL!

5. Let it cook itself 10-20min.

6. Check if rice is absorbing water and getting bigger. And microwave again till water is boiling, 1-2min.

5. Let it cook itself 10-20min, with lid closed.

Check if the rice fully cooked. If still too hard to eat, add some water and microwave till boiling, maybe 30sec, and let it cook for another 10min.

Please use a container or pot that has lid. Rice require some pressure. for cooking.

Some web page recommends longer cooking in microwave but that's not necessary. Just microwave till boiling and let it cook itself. Over boiling with microwave only makes rice harder and inedible.

Bon Appetit!

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