My review of Fighters Diet Newbie pack

Pauline Nordin is one of few female fitness trainers I personally think trustworthy in this industry.

Because many people in fitness industry do not share honest stories. None of them really talk about how they got great shape without being paid, or even with being paid.

I think it is perfectly okay about charging some fee for answering questions.  And we should be paying some money!

They have worked so hard to gain the body, so why should they share the secret for free?

I think we would make fitness industry much better place to live, if everyone would agree to pay for every question we ask to every fitness model, so that fitness models don't have to depend on supplement companies' patronage.

We pay to attorney, medical doctor, so why not to fitness trainer or model???

That being said, I love Fighter Diet Newbie pack. I bought this cuz I am really interested in Pauline's diet philosophy. Yen is so strong against dollar at this moment. And she said she would provide free diet support for a limited time.


I will not go into very details of Pauline's diet plan cuz that is a violation of copyright. Pauline already has good summary of Fighter Diet, so please read this first.

But let me venture to make MY little summary. LOL!

1. Very plant based diet with allowance to some artificial things like diet coke, stevia, chewing gum.

2. No calorie counting but eat whenever you like. But with healthy green veggies. So you're always welcome to BINGE on healthy green veggie.

3. Sugar or carb is highly restricted like any other diet but she does provide good workaround.

4. This is 365 day diet plan for those who want to look good seriously. So it's NOT EASY.  But Pauline or her team would be happy to assist you at reasonable cost.

5. Newbie pack comes with food pyramid to know what you can eat, and a week meal plan.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who want to look good and need solid assistance.

Now I have bought FD Newbie pack, will I follow its suggestion?

No, cuz I just wanted to know Pauline's philosophy. I need to buy her whole book to really understand but that's not really my scope as of now.

I'm already in good shape with Scooby1961 suggestions, and would stick to his.

What is Scooby suggestion? Eat with moderation and healthy food! 

My scope of healthy moderation eating is around 450kcal meal x 6 a day according to his calculator.  I'm female, 46 y/o, 159cm, 52kg, more than 7hour workout per week and want to gain muscle and lose weight.

But I'm not really counting calories, I just eat more than 6 times a day, and eat till my hunger is appeased, not till its satisfaction or belly bloating.  So I guess I'm exceeding my calorie budge but I don't really care.  And I DO EAT CHEAT MEALS 2 or 3 times a week???

What do I eat exactly??? Please look here. http://kuradon.web.fc2.com/carbo_cycle_2011/carbo_cycling.html

This is how I look as of today. Maybe not impressive, but I have made huge progress from last year and I'm proud of myself. 

I would like to gain more muscle and probably FD newbie pack wasn't a right choice for me. I should have bought muscle booster or other appropriate stuffs.

But anyway, I would definitely recommend to look for Pauline's assistance if you need a solid guidance on how to eat and how to workout.  Especially for women. She charges you but at very reasonable price.

And I mostly agree with Scooby's philosophy. But one thing. Caliper is also very inaccurate device for measuring body fat. It takes some experience and very subjective. If you really want to know your body fat percentage, go DXA, not caliper. But DXA scan is so expensive in Japan, I won't be able to try it for sometime. But I must say caliper is not so reliable until you have gained some experience.

It's like choosing operation system. If you're really knowledgeable in system and can help yourself, you can do very well with freebie stuffs on internet.

If not, why not buy from Microsoft? Or Google? Freebie is actually VERY EXPENSIVE!

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