Skinfold caliper measurement for women

Scooby has a video and web page of skinfold caliper body fat measurement for men but not for women yet.

So in the meantime, please refer the video below.

You can also use tape measure for body fat calculation at the this site but it's very less accurate.

What are the guidelines for percentage of body fat loss?

Please read the detail at www.acefitness.org/

BodyRock TV Zazuna also has a web page of her measurement.

How do we look like at what body fat%?

I guess women look best around 18-20%. But as we get older, we need more muscles and less fat, so that our skin is tight enough. So for me, 17-15% is ideal.

My measurement is Tricep 12cm, Suprailiac 10cm, Thigh 17cm.

I am 46 years old now, 52kg(114lbs). 159cm(5.21ft) and 17.92% as of 03sep11

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