Some thoughts on aerobic vs anaerobic...

It amazes me always that so many folks dislike moderate cardio and easily jump to "Super intense 3min workout".

I thought you want to lose weight, lose fat, get ripped. What on earth are you doing?

I never liked long tedious cardio before I started Scooby's home workouts. But now I love moderate cardio better than anything. In fact, I like it better than lifting or climbing!

Anaerobic exercises like lifting cause lactic acid buildup and really make you tired. This is a good fatigue for muscle growth.

Aerobic exercises, or cardio is a moderate workout that does not cause lactic acid buildup and you can workout longer. The purpose of cardio is not strength building but to make heart stronger.

With bigger heart, you take in greater amounts of oxygen and deliver it more deeply in the body.

We rely on aerobic metabolism to fuel almost all our body's needs for energy when we are sleeping, working in office, studying or doing everyday activities. With oxygen rich body, you can expect better aerobic metabolism, or better afterburn effect.

But if you choose too intense cardio, you may get a good lactic acid buildup, feel good fatigue and FEEL LIKE YOU'VE DONE A GREAT EXECISE but actually it's just another anaerobic exercises.

Then do more lifting! Burpees do not give you bigger muscles!

High Intense cardio does have its benefits but please keep heart beat rate in 50-85%. And please study why this is so important!

You want bigger muscles? Do lifting!
Bigger heart that burns more fat? Do moderate cardio!

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