Wind Shield Wiper!!! 14sep11

I was stuck with my fitness progress and wasn't really happy lately.

My short term goal is to do clean pullup 10 reps 3 sets. But I always get stuck after 6-7 reps and it looks I can never make it.

But then, when I tried wind shield wiper last night, and found I can easily lift myself and twist.

I'm still very jerky and the form is awful but it's always a pleasure to see myself making some progress. Unfortunately my arms get tired before hitting abs effectively but I  guess with some practice, I can overcome.

Please watch Scooby's complete guide if you want to try. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZeOqM7zt3U

I did leg raise the other day and I was still jerky but I believe I'm getting stronger little by little.

It's sooo slow and frustrating but strength and muscles will accumulate eventually.

Even for senior people like myself, LOL!

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