Meal frequency, 3 times a day or 6 times a day, LOL!/ 21dec13

2013 was a very successful year for me as a competing bodybuilder. I've joined the largest bodybuilding organization in Japan, JBBF (Japan Bodybuilding Federation), Japanese subsidiary of IFBB.

I won in Tokyo Novice show, (Tokyo Open) and got 4th place in Japan Weight  Category 49kg (Nihon Class Betsu). Above pic is from Nihon  Class Betsu, I was sooo glad to compete and pose among Mis Nippon finalists. This year, I couldn't make it till Mis Nippon as I got so exhausted from long term dieting and show prep over 9 months. But hopefully, in 2014, I will make it till Mis Nippon.

During 9 months, I mostly ate small 6 meals a day with different macro, and I think my diet was also very successful.  I didn't last 9 months but with whatever diet, eating lesser calorie over 9 months is over-exhausting anyway.

Now here's a question. 

Lot of nutritionists or fitness experts conclude 6 meals a day has no advantage and is a bro science by old school bodybuilders.

Maybe they are right. But still, many old school bodybuilders practice 6 meals a day.

I was wondering why but now I know why!  It works for them and it works for me, so why change?

Bro science or whatever science it maybe, as long as it gets you ripped and stage ready, it's fine.

All that matters is your ability to get things done, not what scientifically proven.

If science really rules and is the king of wisdom, why are we still seeing fat people???

They are pretty aware of what science tells them to eat but can never stick to it.

We all know if we lift smarter, we all will be muscular and look good. But that won't happen so.

Is this a science problem??? No, I don't think so at all.

While there maybe a smarter way to get ripped and be competition ready body, I will stick to eating 6 small meals a day because I can manage my nutrition better and it's a lot easier for me.

I was wondering why old school bodybuilders never objected to claims from "scientific people".

But, you know, now I know why.

This question is more like, is it better to workout 6days or 4 days a week?

My formal answer will be, it is better to workout 4 days a week with 4 splits. There's a good science background to this but I won't go into it.

Because I actually workout 6 days a week.  I know it's too exhausting but I can workout with my favorite sensei and he gives me solid advice everyday. Currently that's much more important than 3 full rest days per week and whatever science!

Now, we're all free to discuss what is better question and that is helpful once in a while.

But at the end, what you can stick to, and gets you do what you want to is far more important than what is proven in some research papers...

Stupid broscience??? Thanks, I kinda like that name. Rather call me asshole sista-science.

Please stick to what you can do and gets you reach your goal.

I know science does help but what counts more for me is the ability to get things done, and this is far more important!

Does science get you ripped and jacked? I don't think soooooooo!


a cup of coffee and a glass of tomato juice.../09jun13

My contest prep diet so far has been successful. I started 53kg at the end of May, decrease8d to 51kg last week, and now I weigh 50kg now on Sunday, 09jun13.

Plan to reduce to 49-48kg in 09-15jun13.
47-48kg in 16-22jun13. And 46kg on 15july13, for Tokyo Weight Category Contest.

My secret? There's not much. I just religiously check my nutrition with Nutrition Apps.


But then I do eat cheat meals once in a while. Maybe once or twice a week.

I don't believe cheat meals have physiological effects as some people state... Like cheat meals boost your metabolism and thus burns more fat...blah blah blah...

Rather, I guess cheat meals work more like stress release. I always eat cheat meals on weekends and then sleep lazily till noon.  This does decrease my weight 1kg or more...

Bro-science??? I don't care. I do what works for me.

Now this one has more solid science behind and it really works...

Try drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and before workout. And a glass of tomato juice before bed.

Caffeine is a natural enegery/metabolic booster. And tomato has lycopene.
I'm not sure why before bed.  But I can sleep peacefully without big dinner. Tomato juice is very filling.

I'm aiming to have better cuts on quads for coming Tokyo Weight Category contest. And I'm seeing small cuts on right thigh. They are small progress but I've been training my legs almost everyday with sissy squats, front squats and leg extensions. Trying to build better muscle-mind control to each muscle group on quads.

Due to that, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with extreme cramps on quads but it's worth it.

I'm enjoying my journey and hope you are. Have fun and join in the boat!


Midnight carb, healthy choice or just another binge??? /02jun13

I won my last contest on May 3rd 2013 and will participate again,
on July 15th, Tokyo Weight Category upper 46kg and
on July 21st, Japan Weight Category 49kg class.

I lost my weight till 47kg on May 3rd.  Gained back to 53kg and then I'm on prepping diet again and now I weigh 50kg. 

Lost 3kg just over a week.

This is too much. I'll slow down a little bit but am aiming to lose till 46kg by the end of June.

Actually, I'm not on so so serious diet.

I still eat snickers and Kentucky fried chicken before workouts.  As far as I have experienced, these food don't really make me fat.

Fatty food for me is, Ramen, Udon, Soup with pasta.

Pure carbs with plenty of salty soup makes me gain weight and retain water, makes me puffy. So even for cheating, I don't eat them.

So during off seasons, please experiment well and learn what food makes you fat, retain water, makes you puffy and fluffy.

When I'm on season, prepping for contest, I don't eat before bedtime. Maybe before 3-4hours, I stay away from eating.

I know that meal frequency has nothing to do with weight loss and it's total calorie intake that counts. And I know intermittent fasting people eat huge meal before bedtime.

But... this strategy doesn't work for me. So I stick to 6 small meals and avoid eating before bed...


Okay, I don't care. I stick to what works for me. And we 6 small meal eaters fast during night, don't we? Why fast during day???

While I do understand midnight carb or midnight eating don't really make us fat, there are some elements we need to consider...

1.We tend to overeat more than we should at night.
2. Carbs and salt make us retain water and next morning, we wake up puffy and fluffy body and some extra weight.
3. With alcohol, it gets much worse. Our appetite gets out of control.

I know these don't really apply to everyone but if you think night eating makes you fat, then why not just stop it???

If midnight carbs makes you happy and strong, that's fine.

For me, midnight carbs just make me fat... may lead me to hard binging if I had a really bad day...

All in all,  fitness is all about finding what works for you and you can stick to. Not something that is scientifically proven.


Getting visible abs and doing abdominals & thighs pose/ 2013 May 12th

Learning to pose takes time and you have to practice everyday. And the most difficult one for me, was the "abdominals & thighs". I had really difficult time poking out each ab sections.

First step to have visible abs is... Yes it's nutrition. Not crunches or sit up. Not even cardio. I don't do any cardio now.... Cardio does help to lower body fat but it's not really everything about getting ripped.

For nutrition planning ,please refer....



I really love Mr.Opara's app. It provides very detailed info and Mr.Opara himself answers questions from users. I definitely recommend this application.

Nutrition is the hardest part. But please try your best to reduce body fat till you see ugly wrinkles on your abs. They look ugly but much better than ugly love handles. And you can hide them well with good posing.  Till you get just skin and muscles on your ab, please manage to eat clean and well-planned.

Secondly, please learn to breath. deeply while flexing your stomachs. It's called "draw in".


Please read the page above for more details. But draw in never works if your abs are covered with thick fat layer. Always watch your nutrition.

Thirdly, or lastly, ab workouts. But honestly, doing squat/deadlift/benchpress works more for my abs than ab workout. You may not believe it but here's a good study you can refer.


I learned about this article from Mr.Yoshinori YAMAMOTO. Thanks, Mr.Yamamoto!

But when you start to see some ab definitions or lines, doing crunches does help to poke them out more.

Let's divide abs into 4 parts.

1&2 or top/second layers, please do short range crunches while feeling the burn on top layer. Don't count reps or sets. Just do short range crunches till you feel the burns.

3 or bottom layer, please leg raises. Doesn't matter if hanging or sitting on bench, just make sure you feel the burns at the bottom layer.

4 or side obliques, please do bicycles or oblique crunch.

Kathy has a good sets of ab workouts. You don't really need to do hanging leg raises. Just do regular leg raises on chair but make sure you feel the burn at the bottom layer of abs.

Please check her vid well. She does very short range motion crunches and makes sure each ab is stimulated. This will give you poked abs.

Now, doing abdominals & thighs posing is very difficult and I have to say you need to learn from a professional. But before you take posing lessons, take time to strategize your nutrition, make sure you have only skins on your ab muscles.

You don't have to starve yourself to poke abs out. Please eat well and exercise well.

Please enjoy your journey!


Nutrition inventory check before show on May 3rd 2013

Fortunately, my progress of this year looks quite successful and I'm pretty happy about it. My mid-section has been my weakest point but finally my 6pack abs are coming out, luckily without much weight loss.

Above is my weight loss chart, it's 10th week of 2013 and I just have lost less than 3kg and 4% of bodyfat. No cardio or any extra HIIT exercise. Just regular lifting and clean eating with portion control.
I rigidly counted calorie at first but not anymore. I just do some inventory check of portions.

I eat one piece of chicken breast skin removed, 1/3 bag of frozen green soy bean, 1/2 bag of frozen mix veggie, 1 and 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1 litre of water, lot of green tea, some black coffee, some protein powder. The pic has all food I eat a day except water.

I take fat burner tablet before workout and amino acid tablet after workout when I'm very tired from work or due to lack of sleep. These tablets do work but they are very expensive so I take them only when I need them badly.

I do eat some cheating snacks but I think I will stay away from too sugary stuffs like snickers. Its sugar makes me dizzy. Quick energy but not for me. Diet coke isn't so bad. I know artificial sugar causes water retention but so far I'm fine with it.

I thought of doing carb cycling with switching brown rice with another piece of chicken breast but I guess I won't. Depleting carb made me too much hungry and interfered with my lifting. So I will continue to eat enough brown rice, so that I can concentrate 100% to my lifting.

My lifting routine is pretty basic and actually boring. I do deadlift on back day, squat on leg day, bench press on chest, shoulder press on shoulder, curls and press down on arm day. I do leg twice a week, so I workout 6 days a week.  Nothing new or special. Pretty straight forward...

Only I make sure that I increase weight in big 3 with strict forms. So I always have my Sensei for assistance and form check.

Anyway, what works for whom is very a difficult question to answer. Everyone should have his/her own strategy and scheme. And please talk with experts for professional advice.

And please do inventory check. Take notes of everything you eat, you do, sleeping hour, anything. And check them.  This works more than any magic pill or wonder workout routine.



Loose skin from weight loss? I'm proud of it. 2013/feb/11

I guess my loose skin is mild one. I was 65kg and now am 50kg.  I will live with loose skin than remove it with surgery.  In fact, I'm proud of my loose skin. My victory over the enemies within myself.

But if you have lost weight drastically like from 100kg to 80kg or 70kg, like 30-20kg loss, you may need to choose surgery. Because loose skin won't really go away.

I hear supplements like Gotu Kola or Centella may help remove loose skin but I have never tried it myself and am not sure.


You can research and invest but I'm not sure. Maybe you will end up just wasting money... Cheaper than surgery anyway...

If you exercise more, you will build more muscles around belly and other parts, and gradually loose skin will be filled by them. It will take time but this works for sure...

Takes several years or more but it's fun. Yes, I can guarantee you, lifting heavy is really fun.

In the mean time, please drink lot of water so that skin will keep good elasticity. And massage well with your favorite skin lotion.

I'm so sorry I don't have any quick remedy for this issue.  But please be proud of your loose skin.


Breaking plateau??? 2013/feb/10

So far, I have been so fortunate and never faced any plateau in my fitness journey.  Reason is quite simple. Because I have been always moving forward and stepping ahead.

First I started with just brisk walking for weight fat loss. 

Then I started to lift at home for strength building. I have learned a lot from Scooby's program.

Then I started to go gym for more advanced workouts. 

Now I go to gym almost everyday, do 5 split routines, watch my progress in Big 3 (Bench Press/Squat/Deadlift) and prepare for contests.

Fortunately, I have been always gifted with good Sensei or coach. I prefer to call them Sensei, as I am a Japanese. Gym is more like Dojo for me. So is Sensei.

Scooby has been a good Sensei to me ans will always be. But my current Sensei is Mr. Konuma at Gold Gym Japan, who is 13 times defending Mr.Nippon and 14 times winner.  

So finding a good sensei is also a key for constant progress and breaking plateau, I guess.

If you have been lifting for a year or more, and facing plateau, probably it's time for you to move on to next level.

You can compete in contests or work out with advanced Sensei for further progress.

Every time I work out with Konuma Sensei, he always makes something more difficult or more advanced. And gives me homework to struggle with.

I understand it is a luxury to work out with Sensei. It is expensive.  But if you are serious about bodybuilding, it's a price to pay. Please find a Sensei if you want to compete!

If you're not competing, not gym rat, not rich enough to work out with Sensei. Then please be your own Sensei.

It's not impossible. Just watch your entire progress and make sure you are advancing in something.

Please always set a specific goal, however silly it may look to others.

100 pushups, a complete run in full marathon race, 10 good pullups, whatever. 

Try something that you think you cannot do now! 

Actually, easiest and most effect goal for bodybuilding, is progress in Big 3, Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. 

I believe every bodybuilder aims to attain better results in Big 3 and do other workouts for this purpose.  We strengthen ourselves with isolated workout, machine workout, whatever workout and do cardio to advance in Big 3.

So if you're facing a plateau now,,,

Are you doing deadlift that makes you sweat to death? Are you doing squat deep and heavy enough? Are you bench pressing so hard that everyone in gym looking at you with amaze???

Just try to accomplish something you think you cannot do now.

Unfortunately, Big 3 are very dangerous to do at home alone. So I never recommend them to home trainees...

But, you know, there's always a price to pay for progress.

And whatever you do, please be your own Sensei.  Plan your routine, check your progress, set new goals, give you harder homework.

Then you will always meet a new Sensei who is willing to help you in and out.

Funny but I always meet a Sensei. I hope you do too!