Breaking plateau??? 2013/feb/10

So far, I have been so fortunate and never faced any plateau in my fitness journey.  Reason is quite simple. Because I have been always moving forward and stepping ahead.

First I started with just brisk walking for weight fat loss. 

Then I started to lift at home for strength building. I have learned a lot from Scooby's program.

Then I started to go gym for more advanced workouts. 

Now I go to gym almost everyday, do 5 split routines, watch my progress in Big 3 (Bench Press/Squat/Deadlift) and prepare for contests.

Fortunately, I have been always gifted with good Sensei or coach. I prefer to call them Sensei, as I am a Japanese. Gym is more like Dojo for me. So is Sensei.

Scooby has been a good Sensei to me ans will always be. But my current Sensei is Mr. Konuma at Gold Gym Japan, who is 13 times defending Mr.Nippon and 14 times winner.  

So finding a good sensei is also a key for constant progress and breaking plateau, I guess.

If you have been lifting for a year or more, and facing plateau, probably it's time for you to move on to next level.

You can compete in contests or work out with advanced Sensei for further progress.

Every time I work out with Konuma Sensei, he always makes something more difficult or more advanced. And gives me homework to struggle with.

I understand it is a luxury to work out with Sensei. It is expensive.  But if you are serious about bodybuilding, it's a price to pay. Please find a Sensei if you want to compete!

If you're not competing, not gym rat, not rich enough to work out with Sensei. Then please be your own Sensei.

It's not impossible. Just watch your entire progress and make sure you are advancing in something.

Please always set a specific goal, however silly it may look to others.

100 pushups, a complete run in full marathon race, 10 good pullups, whatever. 

Try something that you think you cannot do now! 

Actually, easiest and most effect goal for bodybuilding, is progress in Big 3, Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. 

I believe every bodybuilder aims to attain better results in Big 3 and do other workouts for this purpose.  We strengthen ourselves with isolated workout, machine workout, whatever workout and do cardio to advance in Big 3.

So if you're facing a plateau now,,,

Are you doing deadlift that makes you sweat to death? Are you doing squat deep and heavy enough? Are you bench pressing so hard that everyone in gym looking at you with amaze???

Just try to accomplish something you think you cannot do now.

Unfortunately, Big 3 are very dangerous to do at home alone. So I never recommend them to home trainees...

But, you know, there's always a price to pay for progress.

And whatever you do, please be your own Sensei.  Plan your routine, check your progress, set new goals, give you harder homework.

Then you will always meet a new Sensei who is willing to help you in and out.

Funny but I always meet a Sensei. I hope you do too!

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