Loose skin from weight loss? I'm proud of it. 2013/feb/11

I guess my loose skin is mild one. I was 65kg and now am 50kg.  I will live with loose skin than remove it with surgery.  In fact, I'm proud of my loose skin. My victory over the enemies within myself.

But if you have lost weight drastically like from 100kg to 80kg or 70kg, like 30-20kg loss, you may need to choose surgery. Because loose skin won't really go away.

I hear supplements like Gotu Kola or Centella may help remove loose skin but I have never tried it myself and am not sure.


You can research and invest but I'm not sure. Maybe you will end up just wasting money... Cheaper than surgery anyway...

If you exercise more, you will build more muscles around belly and other parts, and gradually loose skin will be filled by them. It will take time but this works for sure...

Takes several years or more but it's fun. Yes, I can guarantee you, lifting heavy is really fun.

In the mean time, please drink lot of water so that skin will keep good elasticity. And massage well with your favorite skin lotion.

I'm so sorry I don't have any quick remedy for this issue.  But please be proud of your loose skin.

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