Nutrition inventory check before show on May 3rd 2013

Fortunately, my progress of this year looks quite successful and I'm pretty happy about it. My mid-section has been my weakest point but finally my 6pack abs are coming out, luckily without much weight loss.

Above is my weight loss chart, it's 10th week of 2013 and I just have lost less than 3kg and 4% of bodyfat. No cardio or any extra HIIT exercise. Just regular lifting and clean eating with portion control.
I rigidly counted calorie at first but not anymore. I just do some inventory check of portions.

I eat one piece of chicken breast skin removed, 1/3 bag of frozen green soy bean, 1/2 bag of frozen mix veggie, 1 and 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1 litre of water, lot of green tea, some black coffee, some protein powder. The pic has all food I eat a day except water.

I take fat burner tablet before workout and amino acid tablet after workout when I'm very tired from work or due to lack of sleep. These tablets do work but they are very expensive so I take them only when I need them badly.

I do eat some cheating snacks but I think I will stay away from too sugary stuffs like snickers. Its sugar makes me dizzy. Quick energy but not for me. Diet coke isn't so bad. I know artificial sugar causes water retention but so far I'm fine with it.

I thought of doing carb cycling with switching brown rice with another piece of chicken breast but I guess I won't. Depleting carb made me too much hungry and interfered with my lifting. So I will continue to eat enough brown rice, so that I can concentrate 100% to my lifting.

My lifting routine is pretty basic and actually boring. I do deadlift on back day, squat on leg day, bench press on chest, shoulder press on shoulder, curls and press down on arm day. I do leg twice a week, so I workout 6 days a week.  Nothing new or special. Pretty straight forward...

Only I make sure that I increase weight in big 3 with strict forms. So I always have my Sensei for assistance and form check.

Anyway, what works for whom is very a difficult question to answer. Everyone should have his/her own strategy and scheme. And please talk with experts for professional advice.

And please do inventory check. Take notes of everything you eat, you do, sleeping hour, anything. And check them.  This works more than any magic pill or wonder workout routine.


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