Getting visible abs and doing abdominals & thighs pose/ 2013 May 12th

Learning to pose takes time and you have to practice everyday. And the most difficult one for me, was the "abdominals & thighs". I had really difficult time poking out each ab sections.

First step to have visible abs is... Yes it's nutrition. Not crunches or sit up. Not even cardio. I don't do any cardio now.... Cardio does help to lower body fat but it's not really everything about getting ripped.

For nutrition planning ,please refer....



I really love Mr.Opara's app. It provides very detailed info and Mr.Opara himself answers questions from users. I definitely recommend this application.

Nutrition is the hardest part. But please try your best to reduce body fat till you see ugly wrinkles on your abs. They look ugly but much better than ugly love handles. And you can hide them well with good posing.  Till you get just skin and muscles on your ab, please manage to eat clean and well-planned.

Secondly, please learn to breath. deeply while flexing your stomachs. It's called "draw in".


Please read the page above for more details. But draw in never works if your abs are covered with thick fat layer. Always watch your nutrition.

Thirdly, or lastly, ab workouts. But honestly, doing squat/deadlift/benchpress works more for my abs than ab workout. You may not believe it but here's a good study you can refer.


I learned about this article from Mr.Yoshinori YAMAMOTO. Thanks, Mr.Yamamoto!

But when you start to see some ab definitions or lines, doing crunches does help to poke them out more.

Let's divide abs into 4 parts.

1&2 or top/second layers, please do short range crunches while feeling the burn on top layer. Don't count reps or sets. Just do short range crunches till you feel the burns.

3 or bottom layer, please leg raises. Doesn't matter if hanging or sitting on bench, just make sure you feel the burns at the bottom layer.

4 or side obliques, please do bicycles or oblique crunch.

Kathy has a good sets of ab workouts. You don't really need to do hanging leg raises. Just do regular leg raises on chair but make sure you feel the burn at the bottom layer of abs.

Please check her vid well. She does very short range motion crunches and makes sure each ab is stimulated. This will give you poked abs.

Now, doing abdominals & thighs posing is very difficult and I have to say you need to learn from a professional. But before you take posing lessons, take time to strategize your nutrition, make sure you have only skins on your ab muscles.

You don't have to starve yourself to poke abs out. Please eat well and exercise well.

Please enjoy your journey!

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