a cup of coffee and a glass of tomato juice.../09jun13

My contest prep diet so far has been successful. I started 53kg at the end of May, decrease8d to 51kg last week, and now I weigh 50kg now on Sunday, 09jun13.

Plan to reduce to 49-48kg in 09-15jun13.
47-48kg in 16-22jun13. And 46kg on 15july13, for Tokyo Weight Category Contest.

My secret? There's not much. I just religiously check my nutrition with Nutrition Apps.


But then I do eat cheat meals once in a while. Maybe once or twice a week.

I don't believe cheat meals have physiological effects as some people state... Like cheat meals boost your metabolism and thus burns more fat...blah blah blah...

Rather, I guess cheat meals work more like stress release. I always eat cheat meals on weekends and then sleep lazily till noon.  This does decrease my weight 1kg or more...

Bro-science??? I don't care. I do what works for me.

Now this one has more solid science behind and it really works...

Try drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and before workout. And a glass of tomato juice before bed.

Caffeine is a natural enegery/metabolic booster. And tomato has lycopene.
I'm not sure why before bed.  But I can sleep peacefully without big dinner. Tomato juice is very filling.

I'm aiming to have better cuts on quads for coming Tokyo Weight Category contest. And I'm seeing small cuts on right thigh. They are small progress but I've been training my legs almost everyday with sissy squats, front squats and leg extensions. Trying to build better muscle-mind control to each muscle group on quads.

Due to that, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with extreme cramps on quads but it's worth it.

I'm enjoying my journey and hope you are. Have fun and join in the boat!

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