Midnight carb, healthy choice or just another binge??? /02jun13

I won my last contest on May 3rd 2013 and will participate again,
on July 15th, Tokyo Weight Category upper 46kg and
on July 21st, Japan Weight Category 49kg class.

I lost my weight till 47kg on May 3rd.  Gained back to 53kg and then I'm on prepping diet again and now I weigh 50kg. 

Lost 3kg just over a week.

This is too much. I'll slow down a little bit but am aiming to lose till 46kg by the end of June.

Actually, I'm not on so so serious diet.

I still eat snickers and Kentucky fried chicken before workouts.  As far as I have experienced, these food don't really make me fat.

Fatty food for me is, Ramen, Udon, Soup with pasta.

Pure carbs with plenty of salty soup makes me gain weight and retain water, makes me puffy. So even for cheating, I don't eat them.

So during off seasons, please experiment well and learn what food makes you fat, retain water, makes you puffy and fluffy.

When I'm on season, prepping for contest, I don't eat before bedtime. Maybe before 3-4hours, I stay away from eating.

I know that meal frequency has nothing to do with weight loss and it's total calorie intake that counts. And I know intermittent fasting people eat huge meal before bedtime.

But... this strategy doesn't work for me. So I stick to 6 small meals and avoid eating before bed...


Okay, I don't care. I stick to what works for me. And we 6 small meal eaters fast during night, don't we? Why fast during day???

While I do understand midnight carb or midnight eating don't really make us fat, there are some elements we need to consider...

1.We tend to overeat more than we should at night.
2. Carbs and salt make us retain water and next morning, we wake up puffy and fluffy body and some extra weight.
3. With alcohol, it gets much worse. Our appetite gets out of control.

I know these don't really apply to everyone but if you think night eating makes you fat, then why not just stop it???

If midnight carbs makes you happy and strong, that's fine.

For me, midnight carbs just make me fat... may lead me to hard binging if I had a really bad day...

All in all,  fitness is all about finding what works for you and you can stick to. Not something that is scientifically proven.

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