Meal frequency, 3 times a day or 6 times a day, LOL!/ 21dec13

2013 was a very successful year for me as a competing bodybuilder. I've joined the largest bodybuilding organization in Japan, JBBF (Japan Bodybuilding Federation), Japanese subsidiary of IFBB.

I won in Tokyo Novice show, (Tokyo Open) and got 4th place in Japan Weight  Category 49kg (Nihon Class Betsu). Above pic is from Nihon  Class Betsu, I was sooo glad to compete and pose among Mis Nippon finalists. This year, I couldn't make it till Mis Nippon as I got so exhausted from long term dieting and show prep over 9 months. But hopefully, in 2014, I will make it till Mis Nippon.

During 9 months, I mostly ate small 6 meals a day with different macro, and I think my diet was also very successful.  I didn't last 9 months but with whatever diet, eating lesser calorie over 9 months is over-exhausting anyway.

Now here's a question. 

Lot of nutritionists or fitness experts conclude 6 meals a day has no advantage and is a bro science by old school bodybuilders.

Maybe they are right. But still, many old school bodybuilders practice 6 meals a day.

I was wondering why but now I know why!  It works for them and it works for me, so why change?

Bro science or whatever science it maybe, as long as it gets you ripped and stage ready, it's fine.

All that matters is your ability to get things done, not what scientifically proven.

If science really rules and is the king of wisdom, why are we still seeing fat people???

They are pretty aware of what science tells them to eat but can never stick to it.

We all know if we lift smarter, we all will be muscular and look good. But that won't happen so.

Is this a science problem??? No, I don't think so at all.

While there maybe a smarter way to get ripped and be competition ready body, I will stick to eating 6 small meals a day because I can manage my nutrition better and it's a lot easier for me.

I was wondering why old school bodybuilders never objected to claims from "scientific people".

But, you know, now I know why.

This question is more like, is it better to workout 6days or 4 days a week?

My formal answer will be, it is better to workout 4 days a week with 4 splits. There's a good science background to this but I won't go into it.

Because I actually workout 6 days a week.  I know it's too exhausting but I can workout with my favorite sensei and he gives me solid advice everyday. Currently that's much more important than 3 full rest days per week and whatever science!

Now, we're all free to discuss what is better question and that is helpful once in a while.

But at the end, what you can stick to, and gets you do what you want to is far more important than what is proven in some research papers...

Stupid broscience??? Thanks, I kinda like that name. Rather call me asshole sista-science.

Please stick to what you can do and gets you reach your goal.

I know science does help but what counts more for me is the ability to get things done, and this is far more important!

Does science get you ripped and jacked? I don't think soooooooo!

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