Getting into best shape of my life..../12jan13

My first show is scheduled on July 6th, Japan weight category.  I will probably compete in 49kg class again this year. It was held in Hokkaido, northern part of Japan. This year, in Okayama, almost mid part of Japan, so I guess there will be more competitors and it will be harder but I'm hoping to do better than last year. I got 4th place last time. Maybe 4th or 3rd, so help me God!

I have bulked up to 58kg this time and started slowly losing weight. Last year I was 55kg before season and dieted down to 47kg which I think I was in the best shape of my life.  I'm not sure 3kg plus is muscle gain or just pure fat but I'm hoping and praying, lifting heavier and cooking my own food..

Anyway, when I hear someone says "I will get into the best shape of my life", I kind of shiver and am lost for words....

Because usually they will fail miserably or stop talking about diet very soon. I'm starting to think some are just in love with making same mistakes over and over again. 

Sorry to be mean but I've seen enough people making same mistakes again and again, and started to think "getting into the best shape of..." is a recipe of failure.


Because it's not about getting into SHAPE but getting into GOOD HABITS. And acquiring good habits really takes time...

And many people jump start harsh diet without changing their bad habits first.

Such as changing huge meals to "small glasses of protein" all of sudden.

This is a typical recipe for failure, isn't it???

Why not just start with a little smaller meals??? If you eat 2 pieces of bread, then just 1 piece? And gradually decrease quantity but never jump to "just a glass of protein".

I prefer 6 small meals a day every 3 hours because it's easier for me to manage meal portion.  Even though I'm not full with one meal, I'll be eating again after 3 hours, not a big deal.

And then, I don't eat huge quantity in one setting. It took me 3 years to acquire this habit.

For me, when I eat one huge meal, I will want to eat another huge one again and my meals will just get bigger and bigger....

My weight loss journey started with taming myself with relatively smaller meals.

You could start with huge meals with plenty of veggies or could start with moderate meal portion management, there are plenty of different ways.

Whatever meal strategy you choose, never jump to extreme low calorie diet or some glasses of protein a day!

Please start acquiring good habits first, preferably easier ones.

Me??? I will start serious fat loss from March but I've started to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier so that I can prepare meals box for the day. I am still buying prepared foods at convenience stores but will stop this in Feb.

Above is a pic I got from Show-san. Bottles of tomato juice and grapefruit juice. Both are helpful for managing water retention. I will start drinking more water and these. Just making small, moderate and easier changes.

Now, those who love to eat huge meals in one setting, please never ever jump to "glass of protein" diet. You will fail for sure.

You could try intermittent fasting but I'm not expert of this.

Don't try to get into the best shape of your life in 3 months. Please don't!

Changing eating habits is a HELL OF WORK!

I'm so sad to see some people go for extreme diet and then BINGE.  Same old sad scene, sigh...


A good teacher... /03jan14

First day of January, on New Year's day, many Japanese visit nearby shrines or  temples to make a wish of success and health for new year. It's not actually a wish but more like making a promise to God that I will do such and such and ask assistance. A time to make a determination to achieve goals!

This year, I visited Yasukuni shrines and had a real good time with friends.

I have determined to...

1. Full attendance at work.
2. Get into better shape than last year for shows and keep it till the end of season
3. This isn't really a promise to God,  but I've asked his assistance to meet more inspiring people I can learn from.

Last year, I did very well in my first show but I couldn't keep it long enough. It was really tough staying lean and cut for more than 6 months. Fortunately my first show this year is starting from July and Mis Nippon in October. I hope I can make it.

Now back to title.  

What makes a good teacher? To me, a good teacher is someone who will let you graduate someday, someone who will make you think on your own, find your own way, be on your own.

So even if he/she fails you to teach something but if you can find your way out on your own, your teacher has done amazing work!

But if you always need his/her assistance and continuously stick to him/her, there's something wrong. Please fix it ASAP!

For example, I've been working out about 3 years. First I followed suggestions but now I make my own split and my own workout routines.

There are many suggestions for workout routines but in the end, you need to have ability to build your own. 

Just like nutrition, as long as you need a coaching for recipes, you won't be successful very much.

So if a fitness coach does not teach you how to build your own workout routines, I highly doubt his/her intention. 

He/she just wants to make money from you FOREVER!

It is sometimes a good idea to look for suggestions and advice from experienced coach but don't forever count on someone else to do brain work for you.

There are plenty of books out there to help you. Grab a book, really whatever,  and get a basic idea on your own.

Here's how I started.

1. Daily cardio, almost everyday. Three day workouts per week.  Push ups, pull ups, crunches. Not much leg workout as I worked out mainly at home.

I got into decent shape with this from 70kg to 50kg.

2. 4 day gym workouts per week. No cardio. Started to prepare for shows.
Chest and biceps, shoulder and triceps, leg, back.

3. Current. 6 day gym workouts per week. No cardio. Some posing lessons.

Not much weight loss but I got really well ripped with 47kg.

My current workout split goes, shoulder day, leg day ( a lot of full squat), arm day (triceps/biceps), deadlift day, back day and chest day. 

I personally think 4 splits, chest and biceps, shoulder and triceps, leg, back with 2 full days per week is the best. You need good rests for full recovery.

Then why am I working out 6 days a week?

I am currently learning from a very inspiring coach and he never misses his work days.

Although I do not seek minute advice from him, I ask his spot for benchpress/squat/deadlift so that I do my max till failure.

And for show prep and posing, you need an expert. You must hire an expert.

Anyway, a good teacher is someone who lets you think on your own, but someone who gives you harshest advice when necessary...

But you're serious about show preparation, please hire a coach for prep readiness and posing.

Especially show readiness is really hard to tell, posting selfie photos on internet doesn't help much. 

Look for a solid advice from pros!