I didn't know it would be sooo harder this year..../28mar14

I participated in 7 contests last year and I thought I have gained enough experience, thought it would be easier this year, thought it would be better this year...

Hell NO, things only get more difficult this year.... Been sick and injured many times..

Actually I have made pretty good gains and my physique has got much better.

 On top of all, I can lift much heavier now. 

During off seasons, my lifting weight increased more than 5kg or 30kg. Especially with deadlift, I had trouble lifting 70kg but now 90kg is my warmup weight and I lift 100kg or 110kg or more. My benchpress has got better too. 40kg was max but I can benchpress 60kg.   

But I've realized I've become much more fragile and need more attention for recovery management. Last year, I rarely got sick or almost none. My attendance at work and gym were perfect.

But this year, I've injured my knee and shoulder several times already and it's still March, LOL! 

Now I bench press with an experienced spotter and with thumb less grip, to avoid shoulder injury. It's easier to control shoulder blades with thumb less grip. However, it is very dangerous and I never recommend to bench press alone with thumb less grip. Please get a spotter.

And I have been working to change my squat form. Actually my squat max hasn't really changed, just 60kg but deeper and to the grass...

It's not that my forms are crappy.  As you lift heavier, you will need extra attention for better forms.  

And especially with deadlift, I get sick so easily. I got very bad flue in January and had a high fever 40 centigrade. I took off from work and gym for a week and, needed 2 more weeks for recovery in lifting! 

And again, I became sick after a deadlift day. Fortunately I didn't need to take day offs from work but from gym for 3 days!

When you can workout till your max and full exhaustion, you will become really fragile.  I never experienced this before and I am really overwhelmed!

I thought it would be easier, hell no no no...

So I've decided to eat more and well even now I'm preparing for coming contest in July.  Luckily these extra foods do not give me extra weight but extra strength!

You have to be careful with portion size but you really need to eat well and rest/recover well for contest prep.

I need more quality food, quality supplements and good rest for recovery management...

Another new learning... and these are sooo expensive!

When you can lift well and heavy, you really need to eat well.  I never thought my favorite deadlift would make me vulnerable to flu and sickness.

Contest diet? Hell no! Eat well and exercise better. Never ever eat less!