Blame your coach if it makes you feel any better.... oh hell..../10aug14

First pic is taken on July 6th this year 2014. I got 3rd place in All Japan Weight Category 46kg show.
Second, on Aug 3rd. I didn't even survive pick up in Greater Tokyo overall show. During this 30 days, I participated in Greater Tokyo weight category 1st place, Tokyo weight category 2nd place, All Japan novice 11th place.

So I fought 5 shows in rows and am I suffering from metabolic damage now??? Hell No!

This metabolic damage thing became popular in Bikini competitors and I saw posts here and there about complaining their coaches.  Yes, they are literally bad mouthing their couches about poor nutrition scheme, too much cardio and too much shows... as if they were puppets to domineering coaches.

Little did they realize that it's them that chose the coaches and how could they have forgotten they could fire them at anytime they want???

If you have been on show prep diet for sometime, doing too much cardio, of course anyone would get tired, metabolic system would slow down and fat loss gets tougher... What's anything new about it?

And it's not just fat loss, muscle control goes out of control. My second pic shows clearly that I have lost all the muscle control in mid section.  Although I still keep cuts and definitions, I figure out this is the reason I didn't even survive the pick up.

Actually my coach severely scolded me for this. Because it's just 10 minute concentration and I couldn't even keep it.  I wasn't paying enough attention. I knew I was too tired but I knew all the facts and didn't make the right decision. So how can I blame my coach? When you're too tired, just cancel the show, take a rest and eat well!

Anyway I have re-learned the old lessons in harder way and I am resting now, while munching all the food I have craved for months... Now I can sleep better, feel good about myself, can take a time to review what really happened during this 30 days....

But blaming my coach is the last thing on my list. He was telling me and I didn't listen. 

So unfortunately I have decided to cancel my next show, Tokyo overall shown on Aug 17th. It's just one week ahead and too short to get back to competition condition.

Am I giving up? 

Not really. Just taking a necessary rest and will compete again on Sep 21st, Easter Japan Weight Category. If I could peak myself up to very best competition condition by Sep 21st, I would move on to All Japan Show on Oct 5th.

At the end of everything, it's you who make the decision. I don't blame anyone about blaming their coach to make themselves feel better. Yeah, that's an easy choice and it's always nice to have someone to blame to...

Be it your own parents, society, teachers, boss, job, whoever and whatever you want it... And enjoy!

Not me. Not me...